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YETH!!!!!!!!!!! [Apr. 7th, 2005|02:19 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |my thoughts]

damn I never write in this shit anymore.... I'd say that it's because I'm so bussy, but I'm just really to lazy..... it's been crazy shit with crazy times......
no one will every take away my good times..... schools done in like 3-4 weeks, and I can't wait...... thank god... I need to get back on the ball of doing work and shit.... my lazy ass has been slacking... oh well, it'll be tyte..... car still running good, oddly enough... so dandy times with dandy people and dandy situations... provoke laughter at every possible moment....
chillen with big mike and his friends was really fun a few days ago... I do enjoy chillen with him greatly..... PEACE

) ( Tiffy

-Bizzle and I'm out
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=) [Mar. 30th, 2005|04:39 pm]
[mood |accomplishedgood times]
[music |rackell]

Smiles really make the world go round and help to promote happiness, so smile and be happy or else the world will stop... that means we all fall off the face of the earth.... you see the horrible things that can happen when you're pissed?!?!?!?! yes yes, it's true.... smiles really do make the world go round.......

those who frown are the most likely to be frowned upon....



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you know it!!!!!!! [Mar. 28th, 2005|03:31 am]
[mood |giddythey don't have "gay".... DAMN]
[music |tv talking and what not]

Well it's been just a lil while since I'm partaken in this journal writting sort of activity......
well spring break was good, spent a few days in a disney hotel with tiffy and went to the parks and what not... it was good times...
although my fucking car once again broke down and the shop can't seem to figure out the problem.... this is gay... lol car is fast as balls, yet it's in the shop more than it's on the road... . oh well... whata ya gonna.....
This weekend tiffy and I spent it back in orlando at her house.... (I mean,,, her compond) it's a mansion.... lol just chilled, partied a lil, and well.... you know... ;)
Nothing really to new that I can think of, thank good school is over in like 5-6 weeks.... but I'm taking summer school both sessions probably so I won't have much time off, but summer school is fun anyways so it won't be too bad.... Everyone is definately ready for this semester to be over... I know I am.....
basically it's just a late ass night, were I have jack shit to do, don't feel like drinking, done with video games, and jack shit on tv..... and it's come to me enjoyment being writting in live journal.... lol it's sad..... hahahaha

and oh yes, lossing your wallet is a pain in the ass... so don't do it... just a lil advise though.....

FIX MY CAR JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
turbos are only cool when they work.....
I'm sure I'll figure out other shit to write in a few days.......

peace up, peace in, and peace out........ BURN!!!!!!!!!

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spring break in a week... and that's for the turtles in the trees [Mar. 7th, 2005|12:13 pm]
Well I'm not really doing much right now.... looking at people's live journal shit... which killed about 2 mins of time... SCORE!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still working at the grill on sundays which is still good times... it's an easy $120 every month for bascially doing nothing.... I can't wait for spring break... not that I have anything planned except for going to the disney hotel with tiffy for two days.. which is going to be fucking bad ass!!!!! but just for the fact that I don't have to go to school..... college sucks, yet it is so grand at the same time... =)
I acutally saw T.J. on the road the other day... haven't seen any of those DP niggys forever.... just waved, then I downshifted and flew by at over 100mph just because it's fun to do that.... good times.... what up to all the old school DP people from back in the day... yo yo yo word.... hur hur
well this is gonna be cut short.... MADDEN TIME BITCHES
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good times [Mar. 3rd, 2005|09:59 pm]
[mood |happyas always]
[music |you know it]

well it's been a damn long time sinse I've written in this shit.......
I got my car dynoed yesterday....... and you know what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! it means that I won't get beat by anyone....... that's nice....... well except vic when he gets his shit done... but I'll enjoy being killed by him,,,,,,, I can't wait for damato to get his header either....... it's just so fun to get a car dynoed... it'll be so tyte to see another person's cars done............
JDMotors for life niggy

oh yeah,........ and victor will most likely be moving in during like june for those who don't know...... it'll be tyte.........

I'm still very excited from geting my car dynoed........ it was tyte because the guy liked everyone, me, and my car so he only charged me $50 when it was suppossed to be $25 per run... and they did 10-13 runs... lol

we're all such ballers.................

274 hp at the wheel...... just try and fuck with that ....... it's just not gonna happen unless you're part of JDMotors.......

well I love tiffy so it's all good.........

it's late........ it's good times........ college sucks...... but it's the best years of my life......... fuck everything before this...... good times......

feel free to throw in your comments about how life is going....... =) hope it's good
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it's be tyte [Feb. 16th, 2005|05:36 pm]
[mood |happyas always]
[music |talken to tiffy]

Well I'm sitting around the apartment right now until Usha or Damato get back around 9:30..... This week has been pretty good, well... not that any week would ever be considered bad by me, but... ya know... good times right?!?!?!! lol
It finally happened, Damato isn't in engineering anymore and I'm not very far behind him, I'm waiting a lil longer to drop the classes for some reason.. not that there's really any need to keep going with them, but I just want to chill on it for a lil... We both just decided that engineering was definately not how we had imagined it... it's really just doing way to many hard ass classes that you'll never use for the type of work that we'd be going into... just not really what I want to do with my life... I still gotta let my parents know that I'm gonna change majors, I'm sure they'll be a lil dissapointed, but everyone changes their major like 30 times in college so I'm know they'll be cool with it.... I kind of feel like I failed myself in some ways, although everyone has high ass hopes when they are younger about becomeing a doctor or lawyer and shit like that but then they get into the classes and you realize that it's just really ment for you to be doing...... I'm thinking about something in advertising or something kind of in that direction.... I don't want to just get a normal jack-off business degree so I think that'll be a cool direction to take..... It's just weird how I had my mind set on making it all the way through and all that shit, and now I just don't have any motivation or drive left to work my ass off anymore for the next 5 years... it's really not worth it when I could go into something that I would evjoy alot more and still make just a much money..... don't worry though,,, we'll still have gangsta cars that are faster than everyone else's....... I'm actually gonna chill on my car for awhile and just not do anything to it.... I just want to save some money and use it for doing fun things like spring break and going on a cruise in may with tiffy.... just got some different priorities and shit now,,,, it'll be tyte though......
well just got off the phone with my dad and feel alot better now.....
GOOD TIMES and as always "it'll be tyte"
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now I'm drunk... but you can quote me on that.. lol [Feb. 14th, 2005|02:54 am]
[mood |sleepyready for the weekend... again]
[music |silence because I'm tired]

Well I just got done studying for my calculus exam tomorrow... technically today actually... so hopefully that goes good and what not........
I finally made the drve out to tampa the other day, needless to say that 2am wasn't the time that I thought I'd be making my first trip out there, but it was worth it... I just couldn't wait any longer to give tiffy her ring and I wanted to surprise her.... obviously 3:30 in the morning is a fairly surprising time to get a ring, especially when she didn't know I was comming, so it seemed like a good idea..... it was good times =) and then she wrote me a really nice / funny / cute poem and then gave me a ring too the next day =) "this isn't a purposle, but...... lol"
and then the barmitva.. (can't spell) was fucking great!!!!!! I had so much fun just dancing like none stop to just about every song that came on.... I had way more fun than I had anticipated... lots more... it was great... then Usha's mom got us a suite in the hotel, so we had a place to get shitty afterwards which was damn fun too.... yes yes, this weekend was just good times.... not alot of sleep, but good times....
I'm tired as all hell, but still pumped up from this weekend.... "now I'm drunk, but you can quote me on that...... I hear you written a book" HAHAHAHAHA
it was great too at the barmitva because the camera lady and another couple just like watched tiffy and I dance and kept taking pictures of us in like every possible posstion.... it's prolly because I'm just so hot if I had to guess.... but.. that's really kind of a given.... nothing really in store for V-Day,,, kinda still owe money on the ring that I bought, but tiffy will be here so it's all good... gonna get my ring sized tomorrow too so I can rock it... it'll be the most expensive thing I've ever worn by like 300 dollars... bling bling bitches.... oh SHIT I got a yamica too!!!!!! I'm still excited about that!!!!!! I can't wait to rock that too during our games of cirlce, or basically just any time we drink.....
well i've just been rambling hardcore about what nots and who done it's.... yep... who done its....?!?!?!?!

B-money with the bizzle ya heared!!!!!!!!!!! still riden clean every sunday night at the grill holding it down oviedo style...... chip chip......

it's time for bed.....

ding ding bitches...... PEACE!!!!!!

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swept away [Feb. 4th, 2005|12:07 am]
[mood |smiles]

and where has the motivation gone????????????

doing school work has just become harder and harder.... I really just don't seem to have any drive at all...... I'm gonna try and wake up early tomorrow and work or something so I at least feel productive...... then chem exam.. and I shall drink to that...

I'm just ready for???????? something...... maybe it's sleep... who knows......

SR20 and life is good.............

not exatly up beat journal.... but not as hardcore as the last either... lol

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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2005|10:31 am]
[mood |cheerfullol.. always a smile baby]
[music |my loud ass fan]

well according to a messege I recieved on friday night, the best that I'll ever be able to manage in a girl is one who has made a porn with my friend, slept with them, does drugs, flirts with everyone, and is chasing someone they'll never get back......
W-O-W... At least I got to experience something that special.... THANKS ;)
If that was the best "I" could ever do.... then why am I the one always being called?????? maybe someone is a little mixed up in who lost out in the break-up....

oh yeah...... how's ur boyfriend feel about youo always calling me?!?! I'm sure he loves it..... rriiiiiggghhhttt he's never around when you're drunk, maybe you should let him know what happens when you drink, well.... and when you're sober....

how could you even try to say anything bad about tiffy or me..... I've still been nothing but nice to you and haven't tried to put you down,, until now.... maybe you'll realize how stupid you've been acting and move on.......... I used to think shit happens, but now I know it's just ignorant people making ignorant decisions that happen..

I DON'T PLAY GAMES BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ding ding

weekend was bad ass.... good times......

peace out
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the good the bad and the ugly....... [Jan. 26th, 2005|08:42 pm]
[mood |accomplished hw is done]
[music |what it's like..... and pieces]

Well I just got done dancing around in my apartment with the strobe light and techno music going... lol good times.. although it's kinda creepy at the same time because it's just pitch black and it seems like I keep seeing random things in the mirrors... oh well... it's fun anyways.....
HOLLY SHIT!!!!!! I finally get my car back tomorrow =) !!!!! it's been almost two months sinse I've had it... although surprisingly enough I haven't been down or anything... I've been having a great time just hanging out with tiffy and everyone... I'm still at the grill on sundays which isn't too bad.. it's extra bling so it's all good.... On saturday tiffy and I are going to daytona to stay the night.. it's gonna be so much fun just going for walks, skimboarding, and of course having a few drinks... lol HELL YEAH... down the hatch.... As much as I say I hate school, it's really not that bad, I just need to start working a little harder but I'm not doing bad or anything in any class as of yet... I just think it's always cool to learn new shit, that's prolly just me though.... There just seem to be so many things to look forward to, everyday just has something to be happy about no matter what crappy thing may happen... I mean, if nothing else gets me happy (but I'm always happy), I have a fucking pimp cup sitting on my desk just calling my name everyday.... oh oh wait... "custom BIZZLE" pimp cup..... BLING BLING BITCHES!!!!!!!!.. DAMN I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY CAR TOMORROW!!!!!! =) so very exciting.. full A/C and speedometer.. the works... lol

and remember people, relationships are suppossed to be fun.... not work... I mean, I don't get paid to be in a relationship, so why work at it... you'd never see me at the grill hosting for fun and no pay..... unless of course I got to use my mega phone to call out people's names, in which case... I'd work for free... ( I know a bunch of people in this situation actually,, not that there's anything wrong with working stuff out, just that there should to be a stoping point.. that's just me though )

which leads me to my parting thoughts..... "If every fucking thing we do takes up some damn time, then why not make it the best fucking times ever!!!" sounds like a brilliant idea.....

"In my mind there is no such thing as an argument..... it's only a conversation in which I letting someone else know that they're wrong..."
-Scotty B. 1/26/05

that's something you might want to write down for future reference... just incase, only on tuesdays though.....
=) this is what you're face and mind should be doing at all times of the day =)

and no..... people who are happy all the time aren't fake, they're just the ones that know what really matters in life and don't bitch about every little thing that doesn't..... so stop being sad because no one really cares about someone's problem when they have a new one every day.... perpetual sadness is not the way to true happiness..

) ( DIS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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